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~1936 National Regal Regal DOBRO Model 6

This our second one of these unusual resonators in the past two months! In the mid-1930s, National licensed Regal and Harmony to produce wooden bodies to accept the National resonator cone. Regal went on to produce wood-bodied resonators under its own name, as well as for catalog and music store sales. Mark Makin, in his new book on resonator guitars, reports that this guitar is likely such an...
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~1935 Regal M-16H or P-16

A customer has consigned a rare Regal/Dobro Artist Model made in the heart of the Great Depression. Nickel plated German silver body, highly engraved with large "Regal" crest on back and engraving on sides, bound ebony fingerboard with very fancy custom inlays, square mahogany neck, round window soundholes, peghead with pearl crest and chevrons. Possibly a one of a kind. Spectacular. Retail price...
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VGC+, nickel silver plated brass body with overlapping edges, 3 small and 2 segmented ''window'' soundholes, maple saddle spider bridge, 3 cutouts in tailpiece (tailpiece legs broke and was riveted back together, appears solid), coverplate with fan style cutouts with 4 groups of 8 semi-rectangular holes, rosewood fretboard with dot inlays (two dot holes have been filled between frets 9 and 10),...
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~1935 Dobro Gretsch Regal Model 19

With the Great Depression in full swing by the mid-1930s, National/Dobro began to license Regal, in Chicago, to create wood bodies which fit the resonator system. Some were branded Dobro, some Regal, in addition to a host of other brands. This example reflects the Gretsch version. It is essentially a Regal Model 19, with the Gretsch logo on the headstock.The resonator system is the typical...
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~1934 Regal M-16

rare model, top of the line, round neck, back of the neck is refinished (had capo wear that drove the last owner nuts), very nice engraving, as fancy as they get for Regal/Dobro
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~1935 National - DOBRO M-16 Fiddle Edge

It’s well established that metal body DOBRO resonators were made by DOBRO in Los Angeles California and Regal in Chicago Illinois only between 1935 and 1940, that’s it and they were all fiddle edge. This example is the sought after German Silver on brass with the segmented F holes and the oh so cool tasteful engraving. And like all metal DOBROs of this era it has the 14 fret neck with a bound...
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1935 Dobro Model 25/27

(No serial number) Excellent condition, roundneck, sunburst finish. This is a Regal built Dobro with either a birch or mahogany body and mahogany neck, f-holes on the upper bout, bound top and back, no sound well. All the finish and hardware is original, including the original cone. Strap button added at the heel. As there is no serial number, it could have been built as early as 1937 or as late...
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1930 Dobro MODEL 25

EC- except minor neck repair (done at our shop), sunburst finish, double bound 14'' all birch body, segmented f-holes, square mahogany neck, pearwood fretboard, dot markers, 19 frets, single cone, fan pattern cover plate, spider bridge, cool ''Radio-Tone'' tailpiece, slotted headstock bears shield logo decal, 3-on-a-plate tuners, built by Regal, very cool, 1-13/16'' nut, 24-3/4'' scale, with...
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Dobro Model 37

Regal-made, 1935-39, solid peghead, superb condition. This 100% original, no issues reso' plays and sounds great.
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1932 Dobro model 36 ?

This 1932 beauty was converted from round neck to square-style playing...what a sound...a real blue grasser's dream and what a piece of the "rock". There was also an attempt at making it electric look closely at the top ( at the lower bout) you can see the faint outline where controls possibly were... At any rate the price is right will consider trades...with easy conversion back to original...
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