~1965 Truetone by Kay "Deluxe"

This Truetone was made by Kay in the mid 1960's. It is in good playing condition and the pickups sound great. Call with any questions.
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~1961 Truetone by Kay Speed Demon

This Truetone was made by Kay in the USA in the early 1960's. It shows HEAVY play wear but remains a road warrior, and plays and sounds great. It has been pro-setup and needs nothing. Call with questions.
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Fender Owned by Stu Hamm Urge II Prototype

Truetone Music is very honored and proud to be able to present to you, this instrument from the Stu Hamm Collection. This is one of 5 instruments Stu is parting with, and this could be your chance to get into a piece of music memorabilia and history. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, Bonehead. This is one of two prototype basses given to Stu by Tom Krause of the Fender Custom...
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1966 Epiphone Wilshire 12 String

Truetone Music is proud to be able to present for sale, this very rare instrument owned by one of the most prolific singer/song writers of our time, Marshall Crenshaw. Marshalls owned this instrument for 30+ years, and has used it on many, many live situations, as well as recordings whenever a 12 string sound was needed. This rare instrument was only produced for a short time, form 1966 to...
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Chicago Iron Octavian

As you may already know, the Tycobrahe™ Octavia was built like the fuzz faces. The Octavia uses the usual transistor based gain circuit like most vintage fuzz pedals, with the addition of transformer coupling. They didn't spend a lot of time "matching" components in the circuit back then. There were good ones and not so good ones allowing players the fun of searching through boxes of pedals at...
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~1971 Fender FR 1000 Reverb

I'm guessing this is a late 60's or early 70's piece. It's a historical curiosity from Fender's strange early exploration of solid state gear. It has a spacey look with the severely angled front, brushed aluminum panel and marshallesque metal piping in the joints between sides and top, mixed with really oldschool wood/tolex construction and a one-sided, one-layer pc board. Production techniques...
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K-Line Guitars Truxton

K-Line Truxton Vintage WhiteDescription:A single-cutaway solid body electric guitar from K-Line.What we think:What can I say? I want this one. I've already got a t-style guitar I adore, but this thing's a dream come true. Its neck offers the kind of elegance and comfort normally found in classic cars. It's a smooth ride all the way. Everything fits together so perfectly, it's as if Chris simply...
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Louis Electric BUSTER

When the Louis rep first dropped by to pitch me carrying their amps. I had not played one yet but was very aware of their products so my reactions was kind of lukewarm. He then said "I've got a Buster in the car. Do you want me to go get it?" So I said why not. Well within 5 minutes of plugging using a K-Line Truxton Vintage I'm like "I'll take it! I hadn't even asked the price yet. My go to amp...
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