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    • 10 Freeway to Lincoln Blvd.
  • Bio: Knowledgeable, friendly, always helpful sales staff — 100 years combined experience Your hosts: Ken Daniels, Paul Flynn, David Jenkins, Shawn Fleming, Louis Castillo, Tati Cota, Mike Randle, Alex Alcocer, Sheriff Trent Baronn II, Wic Coleman, Brad Ellerton, Rusty Squeezebox, Paul "Cinco" Roberts, Mikey Wright, Kevin T. Hill, Josh Alvarado, Paul "Junior" Garrison & amp repair guru, Greg Leon.
  • Brands: Guitars: Airline, Alhambra, Alvarez, Burns, Blueridge, Charvel, Daddy Mojo Cigar Box, Daisy Rock, D'Angelico, D'Aquisto, DiPinto, Dobro, Eastwood, Epiphone, ESP, Fender, Fernandes, Gallagher, G&L, Giannini, Gibson, Gitane, Gold Tone, Gretsch, Guild, Hagstrom, Heritage, Hofner, Italia, Jerry Jones, Jersey Girl, Johnson, Lace, C.F. Martin, Minarik, Music Man, Parker, Phantom, Pignose, RainSong, Regal, Reverend, Rickenbacker, Saga, Tacoma, Jay Turser, James Trussart, Valencia, Veillette Basses: Ashbory, Burns, DiPinto, Eastwood, Epiphone, Fender, G&L, Gibson, Hofner, Italia, Modulus, MTD, Music Man, Parker, Phantom, Rickenbacker, Tacoma, Jay Turser, Veillette Amplifiers: Aguilar, Ampeg, Bad Cat, Crate, Divided by 13, Dr. Z, Eden, Evans, Fender, Gallien-Krueger, Hiwatt, Kustom, Orange, Phil Jones Bass, Pignose, Polytone, Reverend, Rivera, Savage, 65 Amps, Smokey Amps, Swart, Tech 21, THD, Tone King, Top Hat, Victoria, Z-Vex, Zinky Effects: Aguilar, Ampeg, Analog Man, Aphex, Ayan, Bixonic, Blackbox, Blackstone Appliances, BMF, Boss, Catalin Bread, Chicago Iron, Crowther Audio, Cusack, Diaz, Demeter, Divided by 13, DLS, Seymour Duncan, Jim Dunlop, Durham, E Bow, EBS, Effector 13, Electro-Harmonix, Emma, Empress, Ernie Ball, Framptone, Frantone, Foxrox, Foxx, Fridgebuzz, Fulltone, G2D, Goodrich, Guyatone, HAO, HomeBrew, Hughes & Kettner, Keeley, Klon, Lehle, Roger Linn, Lovepedal, Malekko, Carl Martin, Maxon, Menatone, Moog, MXR, Ooh La La, Option 5, Prescription, ProCo, Radial, Red Witch, RMC/Teese, S.I.B., Sweet Sound, Tech 21, T-Rex, Van Amps, Vintage Technology, Visual Sound, Voodoo Lab, VOX, Xotic, Zinky, Zoom, Z-Vex Pickups & Parts: Allparts, Antiquity, L.R. Baggs, Joe Barden, Bigsby, Dark Star, Seymour Duncan, Fender, Lindy Fralin, Gibson, Hofner, Lace, Stewart-MacDonald, Rickenbacker, Tone Pros, TV Jones Strings: Augustine, Cleartone, D'Addario, Darco, Dean Markley, DR, Dunlop, Elixir, Ernie Ball, Fender, GHS, Gibson, La Bella, Martin, John Pearse, Pyramid, Rickenbacker, Rotosound, Savarez, Thomastik Misc Accessories: Big Bends, authorized Buzz Feiten installation (electric), D'Angelico, Jim Dunlop, El Dorado straps & parts, Ernie Ball straps, Golden Gate thumbpicks, Gorgomyte, Groove Tubes, Herco picks, Hohner harmonicas, Levy's straps, Moog Theremin and Voyager synthisizer, Off the Wall, Quantum cables, Audio-Technica & Shure microphones, Virtuoso polish Keyboards: Moog synthesizers, vintage Clavinets, Rhodes, Wurlitzers, etc.
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