3 Monkeys Grease Monkey II Surf Green Tolex Amplifier Head


30 watts of sonic bliss !!! Hand built EL84 chime with mid-range punch from 3 Monkeys in Raleigh NC !!!

What we think:

a sparkling EL84 powered, hand-wired amp for the professional rocker in all of us! It's time to get serious and be noticed for all the right reasons- Style and TONE! plenty of wattage for the stage and a staple studio amp. 

Dial in gain or maximize clean headroom with the master and gain knobs. all about flexability and bold tone with the greasemonkey version II!

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Manufacturer Description:

The new GREASE MONKEY II is the same as our original GM, but now includes a MASTER volume.
The GM II is an unbridled four EL84 amp with a distinct British voice featuring a switchable HI/LO INPUT GAIN and a MASTER volume control.
The low end of the pre amp is regulated by the SHAPE control giving three choices: 1-Bright, 2-Regular, and 3-Meaty. The CUT attenuates the high end and is bypassed when turned fully counter-clockwise. The BASS controls the overall low end, while the TREBLE knob acts on the overall high end. The VOLUME manages the loudness of the pre-amp and there is zero negative feedback making the GREASE MONKEY II incredibly harmonically complex.
(Please note, the GM II replaces the original Grease Monkey).

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