3rd Power Dream Series 1x12 Cab - Black & Blue Tux


A powerful cabinet in a nice compact package! The Dream series 1x12 cab and AlNiCo Gold speaker!

Manufacturer Description:


112 Speaker Enclosure / Patented Design

3rd Power's DREAM SERIES speaker cabinets are sonically and visually refined. They deliver a full-bodied frequency response that is well defined and in control throughout the frequency spectrum of your guitar tone. With its patented triangular speaker chamber, the DREAM SERIES 112 is the perfect choice when you want your sound to translate in the mix.


The design goal for the DS112 was to capture the enormous spirit and sonic footprint of its' big brother, the DS212 cab, but pack it all into a convenient 112 package. Well, we nailed it. 

Patented Design

Crafted from 5/8" birch, the DREAM SERIES 112's features an embedded triangular speaker chamber to eliminate standing waves and internal reflections. With construction features including increased cubic volume and a tuned triangle port, the DS112 delivers your full frequency response with a detail and punch that sounds more like a mastered record and won't get lost in the mix.


Extended Internal Dimensions

With an interal area of 1.94 cuFT, the new DS112 boasts a 35% increase in total cubic volume compared to our original SB112 cabinet. That translates into a noticeably huge sound.

Triangle Ported Back Panel

To refine the tuning of the cabinet, we brought back our triangle ported back panel. We experimented with size and port placement until we got exactly the response we were looking for. The frequency response is extended just right: balanced when on the bridge position pickup, and with a noticeable punch and kick when on the neck position.

BROWNFACE Channel - Greasy, mid-range growl is the story with this channel. Overall texture and grit is set with the Volume knob and a Tone knob is on hand to fine-tune your sound.

BLACKFACE Channel - Tone and temperment of this channel is set via Volume, Treble and Bass controls to deliver an authentic blackface combo amp experience with an excellent balance of rich tone, punch and clarity. Foot-switchable, dual speed Vari-bias tube tremolo adds a sultry effect to an already amazing clean channel.

For the ultimate experience in the "feel" department, we built in two rectifier tube sockets that are controlled via toggle switch. Choose between various tube rectifiers or even a solid-state rectifier adapter and easily toggle between whichever you prefer.


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