3rd Power Amplification Dream 50 Plexi Guitar Amp - Black


Authentic Late '68 Plexi Tones

Manufacturer Description:

3rd Power's DREAM 50 PLEXI amplifier takes the late '68 super lead channel of our British Dream MKII and packs it all into a smart, streamlined package. You'll be amazed by DREAM 50 PLEXI's crisp performance with superior precision, consistency and beauty.

late '68 "super" lead channel


Inspired by our very own British Dream MKII, the Dream 50 PLEXI takes the complete plexi channel circuitry and packs it into this single channel amplifier.

The DREAM 50 PLEXI's dual 12AX7 preamp and tone stack circuitry featuring Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls faithfully deliver an authentic plexi experience that leans toward a late '68 plexi with an excellent balance of tone, attitude and grit. More signal gain can be added to the audio path via toggle switch to push your tone over the top.


Diode Rectification
To really get the "feel" of a late '68 plexi, we built in a rectifier tube socket loaded it with a diode rectifier adapter for a more immediate response with crisp highs and a tight punch.

HybridMASTER™ Volume Control
HybridMASTER™ and the Venue Switch are located on the front panel giving you the confidence to play what you feel when you feel it at exactly the volume you need for the occasion. Think of the Venue Switch as a "macro" volume adjustment - choose between full volume (Stage Mode) or an 80% volume reduction (Studio Mode) - and the HybridMASTER knob as a "micro" volume adjustment allowing you to fine tune your output levels. Patent-pending, HybridMASTER is volume management executed to perfection.

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