3rd Power Amplification Dream Series 2x12 Cabinet V30/Gold


Full-bodied, 'mastered recording' tone, superb control

Manufacturer Description:

3rd Power's DREAM SERIES speaker cabinets are sonically and visually refined. They deliver a full-bodied frequency response that is well defined and in control throughout the frequency spectrum of your guitar tone. With its patented design, the DREAM SERIES 212 is the perfect choice when you want your sound to translate in the mix with authority.

The design goal for the DS212 was to capture the enormous spirit and sonic footprint of our original SB212 cab while packing it into a more streamlined enclosure. Well, we nailed it.

Patented Design
Crafted from 5/8" birch, the DREAM SERIES 212 features embedded triangular speaker chambers to eliminate standing waves and internal reflections. With construction features including isolated speaker chambers (one open, one closed) and a tuned triangle port, the DS212 delivers your full frequency response with a detail and punch that sounds more like a mastered record and won't get lost in the mix.

Mono or Stereo Operating Modes
The DS212 provides a ton of flexibility by way of MONO or STEREO operating modes. When you plug into the left speaker jack, both speakers are linked in mono (total 8 ohm load). When you plug into the right speaker jack you break the link and can now operate each speaker individually for stereo operation (each speaker is 16 ohms).

Extended Internal Dimensions
With a combined interal area of 2.9 cuFT, the new DS212 really packs a punch. That translates into an undeniably huge sound.

Triangle Ported Back Panel
To refine the overall performance of the cab, we brought back our open back/closed back design. This gives you the best of both worlds: punchy closed-back and a chimey open-back tones at the same time. The frequency response is extended just right: balanced when on the bridge position pickup, and with a deep punch and kick to it when in the neck position.


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