3rd Power Wooly Coats Spanky Combo w/ Reverb & Trem


A custom ordered Sea-Foam Green/Ivory Wooly with reverb and tremolo! Call SoundPure to order your own custom color scheme!

What we think:

This amp is an all around powerhouse for club gigging and beyond. A single volume control, 3-band EQ, reverb and tremolo are all you need to dial in some killer tone. It has a high head room so it functions very well as a "pedal platform", and also complements a style reliant on using your guitars volume knob to control your gain. It has a beautiful clean tone, and produces a biting grit when the tubes are cranked. With this kind of tone and a sweet color scheme on the tolex you'd have to be crazy to pass this one up! 

Manufacturer Description:

The Spanky takes a classic Blackface preamp with an expanded mid-range frequency control and combines that with an over-built power supply to deliver throwback tone with extra headroom and punch. Available with a 10" or optional 12" speaker, the Spanky is an outstanding combo amplifier. Add in performance features like front panel Power and Standby switches and you're ready to take the stage knowing that your amp is ready when you are. Reverb and Tremolo are available as options.

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