65amps introduces its new Red Line of amplifiers with the first model in the series, the 65 Amps London Pro. Like its brother, the original 65 Amps London, the low-powered but extremely toneful London Pro tube amp is hand made in the USA, and takes advantage of 65 Amps' renowned expertise in small amps with big feel and tone. With the Red Line, 65 Amps now offers its high quality construction and tone to working guitar players at a more accessible price than the current 65 Amps Blue Line models.

Powered by 2xEL84s, the 18-Watt tube rectified London Pro offers two distinct channels, the EF86 Colour Channel and the 12AX7 Channel. New on the London Pro, these two channels can be combined for a third, high-gain option. When the channels are combined, the volume and tone knobs on each distinct channel now control the gain and tone for just the tubes on the channel they are assigned, allowing extreme tonal versatility. All channels can be controlled by the included footswitch.

65 Amps also has included its unique Master Voltage feature, which reduces the voltage and output of the amp in a unique way that enables the amp to be played at extremely low volumes without losing its rich tone and feel. The London Pro is housed in a streamlined head and cabinet design constructed from void free Baltic birch, is equipped with handmade American transformers, and sports a new red badge logo. The London Pro features Celestion G12H30 speakers.

Output: 18 Watts
Tubes: 2xEL84, 1xEF86, 1x12AX7, tube rectified
Combo speakers: 2x12 or 1x12" Celestion G12H30
Panel controls: On/Off, On/Standby, Master Voltage knob, Tone and Volume for EF86 Colour Channel, Tone and Volume for 12AX7 channel, Colour knob
Extras: Two-button footswitch jack, dual speaker outs, switch for 8¦ & 16¦ impedance
Cabinet: Void free Baltic birch
Dimensions: Combo: 1x12 25" W x 10" D x 19.75" H
Accessories: Footswitch included

For more information about the 65 Amps London Pro, please contact us at 314-781-7500.

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