A Designs Nail HM2 Stereo Compressor


A 2-channel, solid state/tube hybrid offering infinite sound-shaping possibilities plus the ability to enhance any signal simply by passing through it.


What we think:

The A Designs Nail Compressor is a beautiful compressor that can be sonically transparent or colored based on how it is utilized. The Nail is one of the most versatile compressors on the market today, offering some functions that just aren't found on most compressors available. The Nail features controls such as the Mix, Threshold, and Filter that allow you to shape your mix. 


What You Can Change

With the mix knobs you can blend the dry uncompressed signal with the wet compressed signal to perform a trick known as parallel compression. Only a handful of compressors offer this feature. The Nail makes parallel compression simple and easy to do using one box.

The Hard Threshold on the Nail provides an excellent way for sculpting a track and providing the perfect amount of compression to the track. When the Hard Threshold is engaged you can set the point at which the compressor engages. Again making it simple to add compression to your mix with using just one box.


The Filter Control

The Filter control is a constantly variable high pass filter up to 250Hz. When the Filter is engaged the compressor will kick in as normal on everything above the chosen frequency. The Nail will still compress frequencies below the filter setting, but to a lesser extent. This will allow the user to compress material with a hotter kick or bass without the low frequencies triggering the compressor in unwanted ways.


Final Thoughts

The flexibility of the nail makes it one of the best new compressors on the market today. If you have ant questions regarding the Nail give us a call at Sound Pure.

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