A Designs Pacifica Stereo Preamp Used


TEC-Award Nominated, 70s-Style Solid-State Stereo Mic Pre - Wonderfully Versatile with Detail and Color.

What we think:

We at Sound Pure have been huge advocates of what Peter Montessi and the A-Designs crew have been creating for the past several years. Phenomenal gear priced below the market price of comparable equipment. The Pacifica is indeed something special - don't let its price tag fool you. This thing is a deal.

The Pacifica has smoothness and richness without over saturation, nor over-coloration, and as a result retains a spectacular amount of detail and high-end openness. While it's true to its 1970s heritage, this preamp has a much more usable modern transparency, detail, and noise floor. We tested it on many applications with great success, and really loved how its subtle character warmed up acoustic guitars without sacrificing character, and how detail and richness was revealed in vocals whether you were running tube or solid-state mics. It's amazing how much warmth they have retained without sacrificing on the detail end of the spectrum.

Additionally, a lot of our users have reported wonderful results using the Pacifica as a DI and line level through the 1/4" jacks on the 2-bus. Again, nice warmth, but still very refined detail. Honestly, this thing is a great every-day preamp - the kind of thing that you can use all over the studio, in countless applications, and never feel like you were getting too much color, too much muddiness, or too much Pacifica. Much like the MP-2 has accomplished in the tube domain, the Pacifica is a solid-state preamp that strikes an incredible balance of warmth and clarity, and yet still is delivered at an extremely well built and affordable price point.

Sonic polish without the cloudiness and greatness without the obscene price tag. Congrats to Peter Montessi and A-Designs audio on their 2006 nomination - this preamp deserves every bit of it. We have been behind the thing since we originally tested it on its product release, and are pleased to see others have recognized the Pacifica's brilliance. Whether or not you are building a preamp collection where the Pacifica can round out the solid-state mic pre lineup, or you are looking to purchase a high-end performing preamp that works in just about every situation, no studio should be without a Pacifica.

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