The Topfuel 50 is ace Peppers idea of the perfect modded Plexi style amp. Ace has been designing, building, and repairing amps in San Marcos Texas for quite a while and has come up with this model as this idea of the perfect 50 watt marshal style head. Ace has redesigned his amazing sounding master volume circuit yet again to make an extremely natural and musical master that even sounds good at bedroom volumes!!!
The TopFuel 50 is a 50 watt British-style amp, based on the Master Model amps of the mid-late 70's and also mods that have been done over the years by amp techs. "70's-style", in this case, means solid state rectifier, higher internal voltages, and more filtering in the power supply. It's a bit different than the more common "Plexi-clones", more like a "Metal-face-style." What that means to the player is a very tight, punchy response and good headroom in the power section.

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