Acoustic Image Coda Series 4PLUS - 2 Channel Combo Amplifier


NEW S4Plus Model!! 2 Channel, 600 watt acoustic combo amplifier with effects.

What we think:

If you are looking for a perfectly natural reproduction of your acoustic instrument, then look no further. It's got a down-firing 10" speaker in conjunction with a 5-inch front-firing midrange with extended frequency response. The flat response of this combo really reproduces what you plug into it with stunning accuracy. This amp is great for bass, acoustic guitar, archtop guitar, keyboards, and even vocals. And did we say "portable"? This is the lightest 600W combo amplifier you will ever carry! The new removable head is a great feature if you ever need to plug into bigger cabs. What a versatile amplifier!

Manufacturer Description:

Design Goals

The two-channel Coda+ integrated amp and loudspeaker system was designed to accurately reproduce the sound of all acoustic and electric instruments without the size and weight that has traditionally been associated with high quality amplification. Flat frequency response coupled with an extended, tight, well-controlled bass sound and clarity of reproduction are its principle sonic characteristics. Its omni­directional output of frequencies below 800 Hz allows instruments amplified by the Coda+ to be easily heard by other musicians across the bandstand.

Key features have been designed into the Coda+ to add flexibility for various playing situations. First of all, the head is removable so it can be used by itself in those high volume situations that require a larger speaker system. Other features include a two-channel preamp each with combo jack inputs, a parallel effects loop in each channel with a return level control, a selectable notch or low cut filter for feedback or "boominess" elimination and a balanced direct out with ground lift and pre/post EQ selection to allow connection to a mixing board for PA augmentation or recording. A built-in lifter mechanism allows the cabinet to be tilted to better direct sound to the player's listening position. A switch for dual voltage operation (115/230V, 50/60 Hz), a detachable power cord, a fitted slip cover with cable storage and shoulder strap and an optional padded gig bag with shoulder strap or a hard shell travel case make the unit convenient for the travelling musician.

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