Acoustic Image Flex Cab 650W Tri-amped Powered Cab 660 PS


Total flexibility for the performing musician.

Manufacturer Description:



Although we’re a relatively young company, Acoustic Image is owned and operated by people with decades of experience in the professional music and sound industry. We’re engineers (and, like you, we’re musicians) who insist upon superior sound quality and reliable performance from our audio equipment.


AI was founded because we were never quite satisfied with the products available for the working musician. Today, if you play guitar or bass, violin, keyboard, a woodwind or even a brass instrument, or if you are a vocalist, we’ve got a sound reinforcement product designed with you in mind… one that delivers superior performance across the spectrum.


Great product designs go far beyond having the right knobs in the right places. At AI, we custom design and build by hand unique, innovative, and functional audio products that deliver a characteristically musical sound with unmatched transparency and fidelity. There is nothing “me too” in the process. In essence, we merge advanced acoustic design and switching amplifier technology with unique enclosure configurations to create compact, ultra-lightweight products offering highly accurate sound. 


Ultimately, our pledge to you is for quality… to deliver well-constructed, reliable audio products that serve you well night after night, year after year — and to offer a warranty on those products that is better than any other in the industry. We are able to meet both of these commitments because we design and manufacture each and every Acoustic Image amplifier in the U.S.A. 


Our Technology


Applying “musical thinking outside the box”, we have taken a different approach to the technology of musical instrument amplification in order to improve the performance and portability of combo amps for the working musician. 


What’s so unique about our products? There are three key differences:

We employ a downfiring low frequency driver in all of our enclosures

We use unique enclosure shapes and materials to improve portability and sonic performance.

We custom design switching power amplifiers instead of using traditional linear designs.


Each of these differences provides an improvement in the performance of our products. Here's how: 


The downfiring woofer makes a small driver sound bigger and allows a smaller enclosure for a given driver size. Omnidirectional output produces a more natural and more transparent sound… and means you are more easily heard on the bandstand.


Our amplifier design is smaller and more efficient than traditional linear amps. It weighs less because there are no large heat sinks or cooling fans and has a unique "warm" sound (unlike traditional solid state amps) because its output stage is radically different. The switching power supply eliminates large bulky power transformers with a resulting dramatic decrease in weight. Because we design our own amplifiers, we have a distinctly transparent sound, unlike that of any other instrument amplifiers. Just as importantly, our products are overdesigned to stand up to meet our strenuous testing (which routinely shuts down mass produced products when we compare) and to the rigors of the road.


With our unique enclosure shapes and materials, form follows function. A cylinder is an inherently stiffer shape which allows the walls to be thinner and lighter. In fact, because we use acoustically inert polymer materials, our cabinets are the lightest in the industry but still eliminate resonances which can color the sound in our competitors’ cabinets.


We don't use these new technologies to “be different”. We use them because they make us better-able to deliver more portable, better sounding products which, because of their small size and high sound quality, virtually disappear on stage… leaving the sound of the instrument being amplified, only louder. 

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