Acoustic Image Ten2 EX Series 4 2x10 Extension Cabinet


New series 4 model extension cabinet with upgraded components!

What we think:

An outstanding extension cabinet that is useful in a variety of different applications. Plug an acoustic, archtop, or electric guitar, upright or electric bass, vocal mic, keyboard, or anything you can imagine into your favorite amp head and run it through this cabinet for an incredibly faithful recreation of your instrument's sound! The new speaker in the series 4 Ten2 has a smoother, flatter response than the series III (if you can imagine that) but it still has all of the flexibility and portability we expect from Acoustic Image. This cabinet is also available as a Cabrio-ready unit allowing docking of the Acoustic Image head for easy combo conversion. Call Sound Pure today for more information about the exciting new products from Acoustic Image!

Manufacturer Description:


A 2x10 cabinet like no other… small, light, transparent… but moving a lot of air.


 A full frequency range cabinet appropriate for all instruments and for vocals


Just 14 inches tall and 27 lbs


Delivers more of the transparent AI sound


Two 10 inch woofers, one front firing, one downfiring


Coaxial 2.5 inch tweeter with attenuation switch


Exclusive Room Coupling Control(tm) reduces boominess in problem acoustic settings


Ideal match for AI heads. Combines with AI 1x10 combos to form a 3x10 “stack”


Can be upgraded to combo configuration (factory upgrade)


Also available as a “Cabrio-ready”cabinet with amp docking system installed ($899 list price)


Comes with fitted slip cover


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