ADC 48pt Balanced Long Frame .250 inch patch panels, Normals brought out, 2 RU, Model PPA3-18MKIINO. Fully enclosed, in an 18 inch deep package for easy access from the rear of the rack.
ADC Part number is 4-26790-0020.

The ADC Model PPA3-18MKIINO is designed for professional studios using balanced (or unbalanced) wiring. The panels use the ADC QCP punch down system, and all of the normals are brought out to the punch block. This allows for any type of normalling required; full, half, none or wired mults at any position along the panel. Grounds are isolated on these panels.

These panels have been carefully removed from service or storage, and are in very good physical and cosmetic condition. We're liquidating over 50 long frame ADC panels beginning with this type.

$79 each, $145 for a pair.
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Very Good
TJ Bibbs