Let's remember: double in order to maintain the sound so why should it not work again, especially when we turn towards deeper registers? Long scale lengths, huge body sizes, resonance problems are only some trouble zones of the acoustic instrument and yet as well the system should be capable to handle electric bass!
To come up with a working concept especially for bass the choice of components and the application of use form the framework for the compromise to be found between sound, power, portability and size.
Again, a small twin-cone system is perfect - it is fast, provides a superior coverage for the critical mid-range and has got enough substance in the bass range.
Four 8"-twin-cone speakers which are individually powered by four 60 W power amps provide for the required surface area and the necessary sound pressure level.
The special AER band-pass / bass-reflex cabinet design supports the reproduction of even the lowest frequencies with definition.
Hi-end preamps, proper filters and additional professional sound design make the Basic Performer a multitalented all-round solution.
The sound characteristics are full range thus open and light yet breathing as well as grumbling and surprisingly appropriate for far more instruments than the bass-related instruments such as harp, cello, accordion … or even try a jazz guitar! Only one left!!! Call Us!

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