DrumDial Digital Drum Tuner

Manufacturer Description:

The Digital Drum Dial takes all the mystery out of tuning your drums and Timpani. A well tuned kit will sound amazing anywhere and the drum dial allows you to tune your drums in even the loudest of environments. It works wonders for timpani drums as well, where accurate pitch is a must. The Drum Dial works by measuring the tympanic pressure of the drum head, not lug tension. Simply place the Digital Drum Dial 3/4" in from the rim. Get the same reading all around the drum and your head will be in tune. You can actually tune your drums in complete silence. You can even tune them at the gig in a noisy venue. Once you find the tuning you like you can reproduce it every time. Includes a full 1 year warranty. The Digital Drum Dial includes hardshell case, Calibration Glass, Drum Key, Drum Tuning Chart and Edge Gage (to keep drum dial at the proper distance from the rim).

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