Ahead Spinal G Saddle Drum Throne Red Top Black Side SPG-R


Dual Pad design lets your spine rest through those tough gigs, and practices!

What we think:

I have loved the Moto style seat for a long time. Super comfort, and support. I am also a creature of habit, so I know my butt lands in the same place for the same position and feel every time. This Throne takes us to the next level. The Split cushion design now lets the bas of your spinal cord rest in the split. This falls under the catagory of "why didn't I think of that"! Well, luckily the dudes at Ahead did, and gave us this jewel! Less pressure on the spin from hours of playing means less pain! I think we can all get behind that.

Manufacturer Description:


New Line Of AHEAD Drum Thrones Offer Style, Stability and Adjustability, Exclusive “Spinal G” Models Support Body Geometry and Ergokinetec™ Comfort.


Big Bang Distribution proudly introduces its proprietary series of AHEAD premium-quality drum thrones. The new line features five exclusive models, including oversized round and motorcycle-style thrones with black velour seat-tops, black sparkle wraps and thick memory foam cushions as well as two versions of the advanced “Spinal G”, split-seat, spring-balanced throne and a hybrid, split-seat, black with black sparkle, motorcycle-style model. All AHEAD thrones also come with a heavy-duty, tripod base that includes a double-locking, threaded height adjustment and sturdy seat connector plate.


While the standard AHEAD thrones will comfortably fit most drummers’ needs and budgets, the Spinal G thrones have been developed for players who require the higher level of support and comfort an Ergokinetic™ throne provides. Ergokinetics is a term invented and trademarked by Doctor of Chiropractic and designer of the Spinal G throne, Richard Robertshaw. This new science focuses on the integration of design and support of the human body in motion, whereas ergonomics studies the integration of design to support the human body at rest.

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