Here is an all original eye catching 1987 Alembic Exploiter 8-string bass. The unique combination of tone woods along with radical body design makes it a visually stunning instrument. The neck through body design is as gorgeous on the back as the front. It has a maple neck with a 32 1/2" scale length, a nut width of 2" and an ebony 24 fret fingerboard. Other woods include a mahogany back with three purpleheart stringers set in maple and a top (possibly Koa, Bubinga or Walnut) that is reddish brown with outstanding wavy, ribbon like streaks of grain. The bass weighs 10.8 pounds. A six digit serial number, 873419, is engraved on the fingerboard below the last fret. Other features include ten oval mother of pearl fingerboard inlays, a solid brass bird tailpiece, chrome tuners, and a solid brass bridge with adjustable saddles for each string. Electronics include active electronics, two Alembic pickups, a volume control, a tone control, a four position pickup selector switch, and a Q switch that changes the contour of the tone control. This finely crafted American made Alembic Exploiter has very limited wear and is in amazing condition. All electronics are working fine. It has a big, fat neck. The tone is huge, fat and punchy with a crystal clear high end. It covers a lot of sonic territory. John Entwistle is most associated with the Alembic Exploiter. The bass comes with its original black hardshell case.

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