For your consideration a 2010s Allen Amplifications Custom LF amp! David Allen started Allen Amplifications in 1998 after working for 17 year at an old power resistor manufacturer. He designed a whole line of transformers for his amps and is known for his well executed Fender redesigns. The LF is his take on a maxed out Tweed/Blackface Champ. The original LF was designed for 6 watts with 6V6s or 10 watts with 6L6s but this little LF was a custom order made to push a little more wattage with a 6550! The Raw knob is foot switchable allowing you to go from “scooped mids blackface to flat mids rich tweed tones and beyond”. Awesome light weight tube amp!

Year: 2010s

Model: Custom LF

Serial: NA

Weight: 16.2 pounds.

Condition: This amp is in very good condition.

Modifications: None.

Comments: Big sound little amp!

Thunder Road Guitars PDX

Thunder Road Guitars PDX

Allen Amplification
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