Offered for sale;

1998 ADA-G1 Dan Armstrong lucite guitar serial number DA98050053.

This guitar is in excellent condition. The neck and frets are fine; there is a small chip on the corner of the pickguard. The original 3 way tone toggle switch was defective and replaced with a 3 way mini toggle. It works equally as well.

Because these guitars are so unique, here is the “back story”:

In 1968 the Ampeg Company of Linden, New Jersey hired Dan Armstrong, a noted studio musician and guitar repairman, as a consultant to improve their Grammer line of guitars. He designed a new line of guitars and basses that were constructed of clear plexiglass. While Dan had worked out the design of the guitar body, the first step was to create a prototype, and to help him in this endeavor, he turned to none other than 20 year old Matt Umanov who was already a master luthier.

These guitars had interchangeable pickups designed by Bill Lawrence who shared a Greenwich Village shop with Armstrong, and eventually took it over when Dan moved back to London. The guitars had long sustain caused by the solid plexiglass body, though that material caused the instrument to be in the Les Paul weight range. When Keith Richards and Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones appeared on stage with the revolutionary Dan Armstrong Acrylic Guitar and Bass, the musical world took notice and the legacy truly began.

In 1998 St. Louis Music, then Ampeg's parent company, decided to reissue the Dan Armstrong Acrylic guitar and bass, as a celebration of Ampeg's 50th anniversary. Dan's son Kent Armstrong (a pickup guru in his own right), agreed to produce the pickups, (improved versions with better shielding and epoxy), production was sourced to FujiGen-Gakki, a musical instrument manufacturer based in Matsumoto (FujiGen is an OEM for several musical instrument brands in the marketplace with one of the most prominent being Ibanez).

The volume and tone controls work in conjunction with a unique 3-way switch. We must take a step back and mention the 3-way tone switch. "Dan said that after the prototype was made and shown to Ampeg they simply said 'nobody will buy a guitar without a switch' - to which Dan replied...Guys, it's only a one pickup guitar”.

But Ampeg was adamant, "needless to say he was told to put a toggle switch in the guitar. If you think about how cool, functional and downright modern the rest of his pickups, pot values and tone cap choice was design wise in 1969; a switch to turn the tone to zero seemed like an afterthought. Basically, Ampeg got their way and wrote about it in their marketing blurb." The owner’s manual states: the 3-way switch in the forward position offers the steepest reduction of high frequencies, the switch in the center position bypasses the tone control completely, accentuating high frequencies. The switch in the rear position will yield a moderate reduction of highs.

Featuring 24.75 scale length, a 1 5/8” nut width, and weighing in at 9lbs. Both pickups are included, the humbucker as shown in the photos, and the single coil.

Cool piece of rock & roll guitarnia.

This guitar should be played naked.

Hard case included.

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