Ampegs are very undervalued considering their tone, design and workmanship.

Gemini IIs at 30 watts feature a lush reverb (Ampeg like to call it echo) and a thick tremolo with the exclusive square wave trem ("repeat percussion") switch at the end of the intensity switch. The 15" Jensen will spoil you for life. The semi closed back cabinet further enhances it's lushness. (the tendency here is to overuse the term "lush")

This amp came to us with an RCA 7591 and a JJ 7591. Obviously not a matched pair of output tubes but it sounds so good we didn't want to mess with it.

So spoil yourself with an amp that couldn't be reproduced today for under $2000.00

PS: Have you ever noticed that on many Ampegs, upon being switched to standby mode there is a buzz that then fades out as standby kicks in?

Well we asked our amp Guru, Chris Gypsy Doctor Davis why.

He answered and said: They do that.

Unlike many others, where the standby connects/disconnects the + side of the power surprise, filtered by capacitors, "dare to be different" Ampeg disconnects the center tap of the power transformer's hi voltage winding. There is no filtering - therefore a buzz - for a second or so while the hi voltage diminishes to the point audio no longer passes.

Of course, it can be changed, but that wouldn't be just like the way it came out of the factory, would it? True Ampeg collectors reject an amp that didn't buzz when going into standby - they know what's what and that's that.

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