ADL Opus-3 Solid State Opto Compressor - Mono


This is Anthony's take on the beloved La-3a compressor with all of the heft and weight of the original.

Manufacturer Description:

The Opus-3 is an all discrete solid-state design commonly referred to as a fixed gain circuit. The heart of the Opus-3 is ADL's custom hand matched optical attenuator - the same optical attenuator found in the world renowned ADL 1000 mono and ADL 1500 stereo limiters. Hand matching components allows Anthony to create a unique soft knee compression characteristic representative only of the ADL brand. Although time-consuming, choosing identical parts results in superior consistency and reliability.

The Opus-3 has many practical applications, allowing engineers and record producers flexibility in the studio. From tracking to mixing, vocals to instruments and stereo buss, the Opus-3 will be an invaluable tool for the job.


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