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REF# 00502. Very Clean...!!! CALL FOR A HANDS ON DESCRIPTION...!!! Rare ANTORIA/IBANEZ EB-3 Set Neck. Rosewood Fingerboard. WITH A KILLER "MUDBUCKER" 60'S STYLE PICKUP SLAMMED RIGHT UP AGAINST THE ROSEWOOD FRETBOARD...!! . I GUESS TO PUT IT BLUNTLY THE "MUDBUCKER " THE TONE, OF COURSE, WOULD BE JACK BRUCE FROM CREAM'S FAME WITH HIS EB-3:...AND THAT'S PRETTY MUCH THE TONE YOU'LL GET OUT OF A "MUDBUCKER!!!" THROW ENOUGH POWER AT ONE AND YOU CAN "FORCE-BLARE' AN OVERDRIVEN SOUND FOR THAT FABULOUS'60'/'70' PSYCHEDELIC TONE...!!! ALL FUJI-GEN Guitars are notoriously known for their superb quality, construction, great tone and a fair sticker price. IT ALSO COMES WITH THE ORIGINAL BLACK GOLD-LINED 60'S STYLE ORIGINAL CASE..!! One owner!! This is a very wonderful Bass. Not a high dollar piece, but a superb piece for the fair money. Actually, a super Bass for the money...!! Not a lot of these floating around. It is in excellent condition! So check out the close up pics. She does plays like a dream and sounds pretty darn good..! The frets and action are great. She's in a real honest great condition. No repairs. She weighs in at 8.1 pounds. I would say she's darn near a 8.5 condition...!!! PLAYERS OF ANTORIA GUITARS CONSIST OF HANK MARVIN, JEFF BECK, BIG JIM SULLIVAN...!!! She plays real good and sounds real darn good...!! Plain and straight up, she's a real nice sounding ANTORIA/IBANEZ Bass in this condition and is built like a brick S/H, and that's a fact...!!! Call for a hands on description. New...!!! 619-988-9777. No return policy on sales items. Please contact us for all "INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES." We prefer personal/corporate checks, C/C's, M.O.'s, certified checks, bank wire transfers, but take all forms of payment.

Thanks, Guitars West

Year Condition Color Case
~1970 Excellent Mahogany Original Hard


Guitars West
Murrieta, CA
3:31 PM

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