Ark Amps are amazing sounding amps in these beautiful handcrafted head boxes and cabinets!! All of the cabs feature a unique approach to speaker cables; we build into each cab a heavy duty high end cable soldered directly to the speakers. No more lost or "borrowed" speaker cables! The only way for it to be unplugged is to INTENTIONALLY unplug it, no way to trip on it or snag it from behind.
The Model B (or "TweedFace")is the first Non- Master volume Ark amplifier. It is Cathode Biased running on a pair of 6V6's at around 20 watts. "3d" Chime galore as well as sweet 6V6 flavored growl all controlled by the volume or your guitar volume. This amp must truly be played to fully appreciate how unique and responsive this circuit is. Features: Bass, Treble, Volume and the "nitro" switch, 4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs, high end and very rugged NKK switches throughout. Heyboer output Transformers

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