Audio Accessories MINI SHORTI Quick-Switch 3-Pin Patchbay


No soldering and quick customizing at your fingertips with this 96 point TT patchbay

Manufacturer Description:

Now available in 1 RU, 1.5 RU, and 2 RU. These 2x48 audio patchbays are wired to 3-Pin connectors. These units feature exceptional flexibility with the Audio Accessories, Inc. exclusive Quick-Switch? normalling system located on the rear of the panel. The Quick-Switch? normalling allows you to set the individual normals on a per jack pair basis. This enables you to full-normal (FN), half-normal (HN) or non-normal (NN) by sliding the switches into the appropriate position. You also have grounding options: isolated, bussed, or grounds vertically strapped (GVS).

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