Avalon V5 DI-Re-Mic Preamplifier (Silver) Demo/Open Box


An incredible DI/preamp unit from Avalon Design

Manufacturer Description:


The Avalon V5 follows the tradition of the “world’s most powerful DI box preamp - the U5.” The U5 DI box has been in continuous production since 1995 and is used by leading music professionals in both studio and live sound reinforcement applications.....and then the V5!


The Avalon V5 introduces a fifth generation DI-RE-MIC PREAMPLIFIER loaded with professional features, including; a low noise, high-gain, Pure Class A, microphone preampli er with dual impedance ideal for ribbon-dynamic and high level condenser microphones, 10 meg.ohm instrument DI input with zero impedance loading, ideal for sensistive acoustic pickups together with a +36dB maximum input capability for active preamp-line sources including acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards and synthesizers.


A transformer isolated REAMPING output offers multiple input-output con guarations with ALL inputs available, including polarity reverse. Sealed silver relays provide transparent signal path routing while custom, ultra-high performance rotary switches deliver smooth gain control in accurate 2dB steps.


A unique PASSIVE TONE selector allows ten contours (six from the U5 tone bank) including two passive high pass lters and two vocal-instrument enhanced passive AIR-LIFT low frequency curves. Additional features include a passive low pass hiss & buzz lter, a wide range, professional analog VU meter with expanded scale -30dB to +18dB with twin peak LED’s for fast signal capture.


The Avalon V5 has a truly unique feature set utilizing 100% discrete, DC coupled, Pure Class A amplifiers for “Deep and Controlled Bass” together with a “Musical Midrange” for enhanced Vocal and Instrument resolution. With REAMPING options, the passive TONE SHAPING network and multiple output choices.........the Avalon V5 will capture every magical performance and continues Avalon’s passion and commitment to SONIC EXCELLENCE !


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