Axis Percussion A-L Longboard Single Bass Drum Pedal


The legendary Axis Longboards A Single Drum Pedal has been stretched by 2" to give you greater leverage and power. The pedal includes sonic hammer and heavy-duty spring.

What we think:

Although the pedals may look plain and basic, the performance is certainly not. Axis Longboards come equipped with all the basic adjustability options as most bass drum pedals. You can adjust the spring tension, and the height of the beater. Because this is a direct drive pedal, there is no chain or strap to adjust. Less lag and friction to achieve maximum efficiency of the pedal motion. Another thing that sets these pedals apart from the rest is the ability to adjust the distance of the beaters horizontally. With most pedals you can adjust the height of the beater without a problem, but with the Axis, you are also able to adjust everything on the beater as well. From angle of the head, to the distance it sticks out, you can adjust it. The big advantage here is that there is less space between the beater and the bass drum head. For jazz players in smaller rooms, this allows for an easy and quiet stroke without too much effort, and for the metal guys, less space to the drum head is less energy spent trying to kick out notes. It isn’t a normal pedal and it does take some getting used to, but once you have, the chances are that you will be playing stuff that your haven’t before.



Manufacturer Description:

The patented variable drive lever allows the player to obtain the feel of any type of pedal with one simple adjustment. The new “Beater Forward” design substantially increases the power of the AXIS A without making it feel heavier, resulting in an increase of both speed and punch from both heel-up and heel-down players. The Variable Drive Lever changes the ratio of the footboard movement to the arc of the beater.

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