Axis Alfred Berengena Double Bass Drum Pedals w/ Microtune


Alfred Berengena is recognized for being in the top echelon of jazz and modern music. He was awarded with the “Specialise du Batterie”, at The Conservatiore National de Region, Perpignan, France. As the author of “Advanced Double Bass Drumming” and “Essential Double Bass Drumming”, he is also an educator, a studio and live musician, clinician and producer. He has recorded and produced many different drumming methods.

Manufacturer Description:

To develop a pedal that would compliment a myriad of music styles, Alfred partnered with Axis Percussion to design the Alfred Berengena Signature Edition. The A11 beater bracket amplifies dynamics that allows for controlled attack and balance. The pedal employs the MicroTune Spring Tensioner for comfort, sensitivity, and response which is a characteristic feature of Axis Percussion pedals. Versatility is of great importance to Alfred Berengena, and it is found with the Alfred Berengena Signature Edition Pedals.

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