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This guitar was purchased at the Orlando Guitar Expo from a woman who claimed to be the original owners daughter. She told me that he was a Vietnam veteran who became a professional guitar player after returning home from the war. She said that he played for the Drifters among others and ordered this guitar while on tour in California. There is a serial number that is comprised of 4 very small letters that are impossible to photograph I will not reveal at this time. She did not want to tell me her name and I didn't press her as she was wheel chair bound and clearly ill. She never did send any additional info.
I have spoken with several B.C. Rich experts about this guitar and this is what I have uncovered. The guitar was made by B.C. Rich some time around 1980. It is a true factory one-off with the following custom details. First and foremost, the front half of the body is oriented for a right handed player while the back half is flipped over where the controls are on the top of body like a left handed guitar. The controls turn for a right handed player. It has no Rosewood headstock overlay and has the old style logo. The fingerboard is Ebony(not the typical Rosewood) and has no markers. The neck does have block style markers along the bass side. It is also wired for mono/stereo operation.
Normal features include aDimarzio Dual Coil Super Distortion and a Dual Coil PAF, Leo Quan Badass bridge and Grover Bullseye Rotomatic tuners. I was able to determine that it is a Maple Neck-thru with Koa wings from where there is exposed wood.
In wiring the guitar in stereo there was no leg to use to ground the pre-amps so the batteries were always on causing the go dead very quickly. To rectify this situation a tone put was installed that, when turned all the way down will come to a click/off which shuts off the batteries and therefore the pre-amps when not in use so as not to kill the batteries.
As the bridge studs where worn they were replaced with adjustable TonePros studs with the originals in the case. In addition, due to the guitar spending much of its life in Florida, several of the pots were bad and were replaced. And finally, due to corrosion both coils of the neck pickup and one coil of the bridge pickup were re-wound. The strap pins are not original.
The guitar is freshly set up and plays great. All electronics are in working order. There are a few small nicks and dings about the guitar. There is a typical corner chip off the control panel. The original owner had added chrome rings on the pickups which were removed but are included. This guitar ships in the original Calzone hard shell case as shown. In the case it weighs 43lbs. and is 44"x19"x7".
*Some of the photos were taken before any work was done to this guitar.

My Generation Guitars

My Generation Guitars

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