Bacon & Day were huge into banjos, but covered their flank with guitars too, and some interesting ones at that. This one would have been one of the earliest, so much so it has a label visible through the sound hole that was produced on a typewriter! Carved top and arched back, and a fairly fat girth to the body.

The tuners date it post-1932, and they weren’t in a catalogue I found, in 1935, so it’s right in there that this one came to be. It’s very cool, and in amazing condition, with a tone somewhere between an arch top and a flat top. Very playable, with a 1 3/4” nut and 2 1/8” spacing at the saddle, and short scale. It comes with its original case, too. A nice package, all-round. $3150.

Year Condition Color Case
1933 Excellent Sunburst Original Hard

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Kirk Stirland
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9:27 AM