The Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R is one of the most unique amps we carry. It features a channel switching system far different from anything else you'll ever experience. By using our channel switching system, you can mix together tones to create a huge range of sound. By disconnecting the switching pedal, you can create an even more unique voice. The Hot Cat 30 R is the most versatile and functional amp on the market.

Let's see what Bad Cat has to say about the Hot Cat 30R:

"The all new HOT CAT 30R takes the proven Hot Cat formula to the next level. Starting with the Hot Cat 30 platform we incorporated new functionality, flexibility and tonality. New features include a 5-position rotary tone select on the clean channel, a Mid Cut/Boost switch, tube buffered effects loop with send and return levels and reverb. This amp is a veritable Class A tone encyclopedia with tones ranging from chimey jangle to full-on distortion.

Our Channel Switching is unique by far. It does not rob your signal from your amp. When using channel switching you are able to switch between channels and also able to mix the channels together giving you more tonal possibilities. Disconnect the switching pedal and you are now able to plug into the front end of the amp using either channel. Our goal was to create a one-stop shop for Class A tone in the Hot Cat 30."

30 watts 
black tolex
white tolex front

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