One look, and you're intrigued. One note, and you're hooked. The newest offering from Allan Beardsell's shop is here to dazzle the eyes and humble the ears. Let's start with the basics. You know, like the double soundports which pour sweet active bass notes right into your ear. Or the oval soundhole and its spiderweb-like rosette, or the arm and back bevels which meld smoothly with the bindings. And let's not forget the unique three-piece Selmer-style cutaway or the multi-scale Ebony multiscale fingerboard with 27" scale length on the low E and 25" on the high E. As if all that wasn't enough, the back and sides are made of a beautiful set of Leopardwood, and the top is lightly figured Lutz Spruce. When these woods (and that exhaustive list of options) combine, the effect is overwhelming: this is a guitar with an electrified, energetic voice that pops, sizzles, and screams. The low-end, in particular, is very crisp and loud, thanks to the multiscale arrangement, and the middle and upper registers have heaps of headroom. Overall, the 3GMS/25/27 exhibits the kind of agility and responsiveness, perfect for fast, smooth playing, that one would expect from a much smaller build.

Year Condition
2015 Brand New


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