I have the "FULL" set for sale' --Made by 'Axe Heaven' a company licensed by Fender!! This set is not the 'low level' junk that you may find on ebay- includes the equipment they used for their ED Sullivan era show with Georges Rick XII [ and even John's harmonica!] . . All still in the 'guitar case'-like boxes ---. comes with -- A ' new 'Beatles Hardcover book [ 384 pages of photos] ' The Beatles Unseen Archives'--. And, a Beatles coffee travel mug too! --

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here are the full descriptions:
* These are Beautiful decorations and Unique.
* In truly remarkable detail and an exquisite gift for a true Beatles fan!

MINIATURE GUITARS [ with folding stands] Paul's Hofner 500/1 bass- George's Rickenbacker XII string . and John's Rickenbacker 325

  • Miniature guitar Handicraft from genuine mahogany wood by true craftsmen with a passion for music .
  • Miniature guitar Measures approximately 9.6 inches - 10.4 inches (24cm - 26cm) tall and proportional design.

  • Miniature guitars and drums all in fine detail and finest quality

*These Miniature instruments do not play music, They are purely for ornamental decoration.
[ but they really look like they could! ]


  • The miniature drum set is New
  • This is miniature Drum Handicraft is made using a combination of metal and plastic materials by talented craftsmen .
  • This Fantastic replica drum kit has been created to a very high standard
  • Fantastic display piece for Drummers, and Collectors
  • Includes: Bass Drum ,Floor Tom, Toms ,High Hat ,Crash Cymbal ,Ride Cymbal ,Foot Pedal ,Stool
  • Approximate sizes when set up: Size: H: 15 cm x W: 25 cm
  • Approximate size of bass drums : 3.5 inch ( 9 cm )
  • The detail is stunning from the hollow bass drum to the mini drum stick. A great gift and collectible for any music fan!
  • These are Beautiful decorations and Unique.
  • In truly remarkable detail and an exquisite gift for a true Beatles fan!

call Bruce 585-424-3369
11- 9 EST

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Beatles 'Minatures - by Axeman'
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