At Dream Guitars, we often have players visit of such calibre that we're struck dumb when they take a guitar down to play. Not nearly as often are we reduced to silence simply at the sight of a guitar--but this 2008 Beauregard MB is just such an instrument. Whoa! Beauregard has outfitted this beauty with two powerhouse P90 pickups which can scream for Blues while at the same time remaining fat and warm for Jazz. Versatile, in a word. This is as dynamic as they come, with a glossy finish that is feather-smooth to the touch. With arcing curves like a drop of water sliding along the face of a wineglass, this Beauregard MB in Maple and Spruce might be the most beautiful Semi-Hollow or Archtop guitar we've seen. Its previous owner has been incredibly careful, too: this is a gem with no discernible marks to mar the surface of the Spruce or the Ebony bridge and tailpiece.

Year Condition Color
2008 Near Mint Maple


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