When I've designed this model, my goal was to have a different result in terms of sound & Playability, than the ones I've got with my OM and OO models. On the OO-12, I build an hybrid "X and Faned", to have a particular sound I really love. Very intimate, responsive, but with the best Headroom & projection I could have. It is inspired by the work of the amazing Jeff Traugott, Michael Bashkin & Stephen Strahm

  • 25.5'' fret scale: It is longer than my OM (25.34'') and OO (24.75''), to allow drop tuning to the musician. My guitars are sounding pretty great in DADGAD or exotic tuning, and I didn't want to lose that on this model. Better than that, I wanted to increase the possibilities about this point.

  • 14 frets jointed: I offer only 1 version of each of my models. OM is jointed at the 14th fret, and OO at the 12th. It really fits in terms of "Identity" and I am staying in a kind of "tradition" with those choices... but I've always wanted to try a OO-14, without losing the qualities of the 12th version. The small OM is here, for me to do that.

  • Dimensions: I've kept the OM specs on the Low end and body-length, but the upper-bout & waist, are similar to my OO Model. The depth of the body, is like an OM deep-body. So, this is like a OO under steroids.

  • Fingerboard width: It depends of the desire of my customers, but my favorites specs are 45 mm at the nut and 55/60 mm at the 12th fret. It is very comfortable for fingerstyle, and I am building my guitars for this kind of music (but you could strum on it if you want, it is working pretty good). About my voicing, I am still keeping my philosophy: achieve the construction of a "responsive guitar" (Thanks to Ervin Somogyi).

  • About the weight, and Tuning Machines: I generally tend to not like heavy guitars. It have nothing to do with the sound, because I've trie incredible guitars which were not lightweight... but in terms of comfort, and workability of the wood, I generally chose a wood which is light & stiff. Definitely not the heavy & floppy stuff. The first Small OM weight is under 2 kilos (4.41 lbs), and I've chosed small Gotoh 510 to increase this point.

Other specifications include:

Body Size: Small OM 14 Frets
Top: Engelmann Bearclaw Spruce
Burst: "Orion Nebula" 3 Tons Sunburst
Back & Sides Material: Wenge
Rosette: Constellation "Libra Pattern", full Wenge
Faceplate - Front: Wenge “Libra Pattern"
Faceplate - Back: Figured Maple
Bindings: Wenge
Neck: Honduras Mahogany
Nut & Saddle Material: Bone
Fingerboard Material: indian Black ebony
Endgraft: Ebony Burl
Scale Length: 25.5''
Number Of Frets Clear: 14
Number Of Frets Total: 20
Fretboard radius: 16''
Finish: Super Thin Polyurethane
Bridge Material: African ebony
Tuning Machines: Gotoh 510 "Cosmo Black”
Hard Case

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