1956 Bigsby Natural Solid Body Electric Guitar, Serial # 121556, Weight: 8.2 lbs. The name Bigsby conjures up visions of the legendary vibrato system designed by Paul Bigsby. But to guitar collectors and historians the world over, the name Bigsby brings to mind one of the rarest and most important instruments ever developed, the Bigsby Electric Guitar. Imagined by Merle Travis in 1946 and brought to life by the skilled craftsmanship of Paul Bigsby, the guitar was light years ahead of its time. It quickly caught the attention of some of the best players across the Country including Luke Charpentier, Jr. Charpentier was a "player's player" renowned for his ability to hear and play anything. A favorite of Chet Atkins, the Louisiana guitarist was remarkably skilled. Even more so, he was a player of exacting taste. In 1954, he contacted Paul Bigsby about constructing this very guitar, the final Bigsby that Paul Bigsby would ever build (as indicated by the red dot or "stop sign" over the I in Bigsby as stated by Paul). Hand written letters between Bigsby and Charpentier, canceled checks, railroad delivery receipts all tell the story of the collaboration between two men out to build what is quite simply the last and finest Bigsby ever made. Supporting documentation indicates that the guitar is all original with no changes since Paul Bigsby relocated the position of the Bigsby tailpiece at Luke Charpentier's suggestion in 1957. Master luthier Joe Glaser has recently re-glued the neck that had loosened in the Louisiana climate using hide glue as per original construction specs making this a completely playable, real Bigsby guitar. This is one of the most important vintage musical instruments in the world. All supporting documentation, provenance, the Gretsch Bigsby book featuring the guitar and the Paul Bigsby built original hard case are all included. Condition: Good. Price Guide Value N/A

Year Condition Color
1956 <Unknown> Natural


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