Black Lion Audio AGB Compressor


An homage to the venerable Neve 33609, the AGB is a quick, responsive, low-noise compressor with powerful control features.

Manufacturer Description:

the AGB is a two-channel diode compressor and limiter housed in a 2U rackmount chassis. It does everything from smooth and easy compression to weird rhythmic clicks and funky envelope tricks. It’s insanely fast and doesn’t choke when you really push it. Strap it across your drum buss and smash away. Give your snare a nice, dense crack. Use it for program material. The slower attack mode is great for vocals. Whatever you use it on, you’ll find it does the job well without raising the noise floor.

So, where does the Black Lion design differ from the original Neve 33609? For one, the signal path is a fully balanced, op-amp based circuit. We’re also using rotary potentiometers instead of stepped potentiometers, which gives you more control over things like input level and attack time. Like the original, the AGB uses input, interstage, and output transformers.

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