Black Lion Audio AM/CHA1 EQ


The search for an inductor EQ that sounds like the expensive ones, but doesn’t have the price tag, can be daunting…until now! Enter the AM/CHA1 EQ.

Manufacturer Description:

We’re all fans of inductor based EQ. While it doesn’t offer the surgical precision of its solid-state, gyrator circuit cousin, it has a wonderful musical quality that’s difficult to find in other EQ designs. In the past, a good inductor EQ was rather expensive to purchase, potentially setting you back thousands of dollars for a stereo pair. Cheaper versions were either unavailable or severely compromised sound quality due to cheaper components.

Since we enjoy a good challenge, our goal was to develop a transformer-coupled, two channel, inductor based EQ that could perform every bit as well as a high priced mastering-grade setup, but do it at a lower price. We gave the AM/CHA1 overlapping frequencies within each set of frequency bands to enable flexibility and frequency correction when needed. We use grain oriented silicon steel transformers for the input and output stages to give the audio a nice vintage character. And since we have access to a few mastering-grade inductor EQs, we tweaked and refined the circuit until we were satisfied that it was every bit as good as the expensive brands. It has the smooth highs, natural mids, and thick, powerful bass that only a good inductor EQ can deliver. We think you’ll be very impressed.

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