Blue Microphones - Blueberry Large Diaphragm Condenser


Let your vocals sit in front of the mix with the Blueberry.

Manufacturer Description:

The Blueberry is Blue’s modern classic microphone, engineered and crafted without compromise. Like its tasty namesake, the Blueberry is sweet, non–fattening and hand–picked at the height of perfection (though not recommended for pies!).

The Blueberry is a pressure–gradient cardioid condenser microphone, employing Blue’s single–membrane large diaphragm capsule. Each hand–crafted diaphragm features a 6–micron mylar film, sputtered with a mixture of pure gold and aluminum and tensioned to our own custom–built brass backplates. The end result of this painstaking process is a precision recording tool with superb transient response and a bright, airy top end.

First and foremost, the Blueberry has been designed to provide the commanding, intimate presence associated with the world’s  best (and most expensive) vintage vocal microphones. With its shimmering, detailed highs, smooth midrange and minimized proximity effect (a bass boost inherent in all unidirectional mics), the Blueberry excels at delivering a vocal right to the front of the mix where it belongs. When processed with limiting and/or compression — as is standard practice for most pop vocals — tracks recorded with the Blueberry will be free of pumping and low–end thumps. Acoustic guitar, hand percussion, drums and other high–end sources also shine in front of the Blueberry, gaining an extra presence that enables the most delicate sounds to cut through a mix, even at very low levels.

The Blueberry imparts the commanding, intimate presence demanded from the world's best vocal microphones. The Blueberry is perfect for contemporary pop and rap applications because the bottom has been “scooped” out for big compression on slick vocal tracks and is ideally suited for deep limiting with your favorite plug-in or external compressor. Acoustic guitar, hand percussion, drums, and other critical high-end sources also shine in front of the Blueberry.



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  • S2 Shock

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