Blue Bottle Capsule B1 Bayonet Mounted Cardioid Small Diaphragm Capsule for Blu


Bayonet Mounted Cardioid Small Diaphragm Capsule for Blue Bottle Mics

Manufacturer Description:

he Bottle Caps are Blue's innovative system of nine interchangeable capsules, each offering the recordist a different tonal characteristic and pickup pattern. From airy highs to larger-than-life lows, the Bottle Caps capture anything from vocals to bass, wind instruments to horns — and everything in between with a level of detail and clarity found in only the most expensive and rare vintage classics. The Bottle Caps work with Blue's Bottle, Bottle Rocket Stage Two, and Bottle Rocket Stage One mics, or any microphone with a foundation for interchangable capsules. Each capsule in the series is numbered from B0 to B8, and each has their own unique sound. You can explore any of them by clicking on the numbered capsule links above.

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