Blue Bottle Rocket Stage 2 Studio Tube Microphone with Interchangable Capsules


Studio Tube Microphone with Interchangable Capsules

Manufacturer Description:

Designed for speed and transparency, the Stage Two vacuum tube microphone’s transformerless, Class A discrete tube amplifier circuit delivers low noise, superb transient response and utilizes a single hand-selected ECC88 vacuum tube. Like the Bottle, the Stage Two has the ability to hot-swap up to nine different capsules for the ultimate recording experience. The Bottle Rocket Stage 2 is powered by Blue’s innovative Powerstream power supply, which not only ensures ultra-stable performance but features a soft-start feature for maximum tube life and minimal startup time.

Acoustical operating principal: Pressure gradient or pure pressure (depending on capsule)
Directional pattern: Cardioid, omnidirectional, fgure of 8 (depending on capsule)
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivit y (1kHz into 2.5k ): 50mV/ Pa (+/ 10mV depending on capsule)
Rated impedance: 50
Rated load impedance: Not less than 1k
Noise level a-weighted (iec 651) : Not more than 9dBV– 14dBV (depending on capsule)
Max output (1% thd into 2.5k ): +28dBV = 25.11 Vrms
Max spl (1.0% thd into 2.5k ): 139dB
Dynamic range (2.5k load) : 130dB
Power supply: External Powerstream™ unit
Current draw: Heater (6V DC) 300mA, Plate (120V) 5mA– Typical

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