Blue Microphones Dragonfly - Large Diapragm Condenser


A silky extended top-end, contoured midrange and a bump at the upper end of the lower frequencies - Highend perfection.

What we think:

The dragonfly is most at home as an instrument mic, from acoustic guitar to drum overheads and percussion. That being said, it is still perfectly at home as a vocal mic - assuming that you like the voice in front of the mic and just want to capture it as it sounds in the room.

The dragonfly has a tight, focused polar pattern that makes it a great choice when you're recording the whole band at once in a single room, and while it typically seems like flexibility overkill, the swivel-head on the dragonfly has come in handy for tight mic placement every now and then.

It's a mic that's very forward and detailed. Add to that the fact that a lot of performers will perform differently based on the look of the mic in front of them. It's an unfair advantage, but you just might get a better performance from your players if you put this mic up on a stand for them. It's definitely not like anything they've ever seen before.

Manufacturer Description:

The Dragonfly microphone is a classic, precision-engineered recording tool combining old world, hand-crafted quality and cutting-edge technology. Like its winged namesake, the Dragonfly is fast, maneuverable, beautifully engineered and wonderful to look at. But unlike the insect version, Blue’s Dragonfly won’t buzz around the recording studio (and it won’t devour mosquitoes). To familiarize yourself with the Dragonfly’s specialized and unique features, please take a moment to read through this manual and also try out the suggested recording tips. With proper care and feeding, the Dragonfly will reward you with many years of exquisite recordings.

To begin with, the Dragonfly is a pressure-gradient cardioid condenser microphone, employing Blue’s single-membrane large diaphragm capsule. This hand-tuned and tested capsule is covered by a select 6-micron mylar film, sputtered with a mixture of gold and aluminum. Enclosed within a rotating spherical grill, the capsule can be positioned and adjusted in the smallest of spaces. This innovative design offers fine-tuning and precise placement to please the most discerning recordist, combined with an ease of use that is without equal among either vintage or contemporary microphones.

The Dragonfly’s electronics are Class A discrete, with transformerless output. In plain English, this means that the sound which has arrived at the diaphragm and has been converted to electrical energy (transduced) is then amplified as accurately as possible, with minimal coloration and absolutely no integrated circuits (AKA — “IC’s”) in the signal path. Thus, the Dragonfly’s overall sonic character is superbly detailed and pleasing to the ear, making it an ideal microphone for recording vocals, drums and percussion, electric guitar, bass and any acoustic instrument including “difficult” sources like saxophones and stringed instruments.

The Dragonfly generates a silky extended top-end, contoured midrange and a bump at the upper end of the lower frequencies that thickens thin signal sources. With an integrated elastic shockmount and rotating head, the Dragonfly utilizes its innovative industrial design to enable quick and precise mic placement on the fly. The Dragonfly is ideally suited for high-frequency sources like alto and soprano vocals, percussion, electric guitar, cymbals, and "difficult" sources such as stringed instruments.



  • Wood box
  • S2 Shock

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