New] BOB BURT's high quality overdrive!

The TC GAKKI 2022 is a special order product! By focusing on the dynamics of the sound and suppressing compression as much as possible, a clear and grainy tone is achieved without killing the attack. The mid-range has been held down for balance in an ensemble setting. It can handle a range from a natural overdrive sound with good picking response to a fine, high-gain overdrive sound with rich overtones. The wide range, sound balance, natural distortion texture, and low noise all make this a great pedal! It is a great drive on par with the Landgraff DYNAMIC OVERDRIVE and others.
This is the latest version made in 2022, specially ordered by TC Musical Instruments, with a Swirl paint job by Mr. BOB BURT himself!


Each piece is handmade and each piece is different in pattern and color. Please understand in advance.

Age: 2022

Attachment : Box, instruction manual, pouch(Genuine/)TCGAKKI)

Warranty period is from the date of purchase1 year from the date of purchaseThe warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase.

TC Musical Instruments is an authorized BOB BURT importer!

Contact : Sano

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