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This is one rad high gain combo! Up for grabs a Bogner Brixton! If you want a great straight forward no none sense low wattage amp look no further. Sporting two 6v6s and a 1×12 this little amps got 12 watts of output. With the toggle on low you cut that wattage in half and only have 6 watts, making it easier to get some great break up at lower volumes. If you want it cleaner turn the Gain knob down and turn up the Volume knob, if you want crunch do the opposite turn down the Volume and turn up the Gain. If you want even more distortion flip the voice toggle to the left to unleash all the high gain vibes (this is the best setting for bedroom level distortion). This is one awesome no frills tube amp! Made in America!

Year: 2000s

Model: Brixton

Serial: 061296

Finish: Black Comet

Condition: This amp is in very good condition.

Modifications: None.

Thunder Road Guitars PDX

Thunder Road Guitars PDX

Very Good
Black Comet
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Thunder Road Guitars PDX
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