Bogner has been known for years as the king of high-gain amplification. The 20th Anniversary Ecstasy head, however, is the end-all be-all merger of power, roaring distortion, and full, glassy cleans that rival the very best in its class. With a generous upgrade to the circuitry, the anniversary model is the culmination of all of Reinhold Bogner's engineering and tone-chasing expertise. On top of the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can be sure that you're receiving the very best of road-worthy equipment -- having been in the hands of players such as Steve Stevens, Allan Holdsworth, and Steve Vai, the Bogner name has already been carved into rock history for years. There isn't a single thing that this amp can't do

A few words from Bogner Amplification:

The 20th Anniversary is our finest evolution of the Ecstasy line that started with the 100B, then 101B, and Classic Options. However, the 20th Anniversary model features it's own unique circuit and many refinements never before seen. In the past few years many new boutique capacitors have come on the market such as the Sozo brand which focus on replicating the vintage toneful capacitors from the 60's. These new capacitors are very expensive and mostly hand made in their construction so we were intrigued to hear how they sounded. We purchased all the available brands and meticulously went trough the entire audio signal chain of our Ecstasy circuit incorporating these vintage style capacitors into the design. However, once this process started, we quickly realized that replacing the capacitors was only the beginning. Additional circuit adjustments and refinements were implemented to maximize the vintage tonal character of these new capacitors, which all together, give the new 20th Anniversary it's massive, iconic Golden-Era of Ecstasy tone.

3 channel all tube design
100W EL34 power section
Class A/AB mode switch, cuts power further
Individual line-out controls for each channel (standard one common control)
Classic Circuit (discontinued)
20thA Circuit, gold plexi front panel and larger head shell
Ch1: gain, bass, middle, treble and volume control
Ch1: 3 position pre eq and gain boost
Ch2: gain, volume and 3 position pre eq
Ch3: gain, volume and 3 position pre eq
Ch2 & 3: common bass, middle and treble controls
Ch2 & 3: common gain-structure, gain boost and plexi mode switch
Tube buffered effects loop, series or parallel (mix control) mode, master volume
Dual assignable presence controls with excursion switches for loose and tight feel
Half power & old/new style switch (cuts power from full to about 25 watts)
Functions on foot controller: ch1, ch2, ch3, boost 1, boost 2, fx loop, stand-by mute

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