Life Proven and Pure Tube Tone Bootlegger Guitar Class A Tube Guitar Amplification Onboard Analog Tube Screamer & Reverb Tank.

We all love vintage tube amps, power, saturation and tone. We love the clean headroom to over driven crunch and nastiness. We love that you can adapt a tube amp by changing tubes to find your sound. We love that you are playing an amp that made the electric blues and rock happen. Our amps are on tour, in studios and homes worldwide. They follow the tradition of vintage class A amps but are built for today’s musician. Durable, tough, upgrade able, affordable and sound great every time.

This is our private design debut at NAMM 2020

1 x 12 Combo 6L6 Tube Guitar Amp 2 channel Switchable 15 or 30 Watt Amp
Keeping the tradition of our 6L6 based Class A Tube Amps
Our first two amps, Blues 15 and 30 watt amps were so well loved we decided to combine them into one amp, our new 15 and 30 watt 12At7 Tube Pre amp / 6L6 Tube driven amp. We wanted a foot switchable 2 channel class A amp.
Channel one pure tube clean to dirt all natural tube crunch. Channel 2 the same clean to dirt tube crunch, but with switchable built in overdrive boost pedal that takes the amp sonic.

This is how it works

  1. Choose switched option of 15 or 30 watt’s
  2. Set the volume, treble, mid, bass, presence, analog reverb to taste for the room.
  3. Chanel one is pure tube from clean to dirt controlled by separate channel 1 gain control.
  4. Chanel two has the same pure tube path as channel 1 but it also has a switchable (before preamp)drive boost analog (pedal) circuit. With channel 2 boost drive switched on the amp can go screeching rock lead to full hard metal sonic.
  5. Foot switch jack a/b

The amp features

15 and 30 watt switchable
12At7 pre amp tubes
6L6 power tubes
Analog reverb tank
Trebbile, Middle, Bass and Presence controls
8 ohm extension speaker output jack
Send Return effect loop
2 Gain Controls
Tubes fit horizontally top of cabinet for maximum air flow
12 inch Celestion Speaker Hot 100
LED panel lights for clear operating use
Custom Bootlegger Cover
Cabinet hardwood ply with black tolex and black speaker grill cloth. Front panel with logo solid stained Burch. Rear metal vent for tubes cooling.

We get peeved at amp’s when the gain control is a waste of space. We believe when you actually find a gain control and turn it something should change in the amps sound. Our gain control is set to drive the tubes. You can set the gain low and volume as you like for overhead clean tube purity, or dial the in gain from crunch to nasty lusty (well you get it).

You are guaranteed 100% Satisfaction 30 day test will love it.. or return it. NO Problem. Please compare our amp to any other amp in the market.
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Bootlegger Guitar

Bootlegger Guitar

2020 (2021 reissue)
Bootlegger Guitar
Brand New
5 Years
Bootlegger Guitar
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