Bootlegger Guitar Blues 5 Vintage with Rectifier Tube 6Z45
Dollar for dollar, the best 5 watt amp I have EVER played. Simply amazing!! Well packaged and fast shipping. Thank you!

August 24, 2017 by Richard's Shop

Built in USA Handcrafted Art
This our first Blues 5 Whiskey Barrel with Qparts custom knobs. Prices will be going up on these one of a kind killer amps / art.
We are BOOTLEGGER GUITAR. We only sell our brand guitars, tube amps & pedals. “5 Star Reverb Rating” on our service and BOOTLEGGER quality.    

Whiskey Barrel Blues 5 Tube (5 watt) Rectifier Amp
The most unique guitar amps in any universe where they love whiskey and loud Rock N Blues
Bootlegger Guitar Whiskey Barrel guitar amp cabinets are built by our partner River Drive Cooperate Millwork in Maine. Using only repurposed whiskey barrel staves, they have perfected a process to straighten the stays and affix them to a plywood backing. Each cabinet is its own unique piece of art. We then install our killer 5-watt hand wired tube amp.
From our partner  River Drive Cooperage & Millwork
Lumber & whiskey wood
Wooden barrels have been icons in our world’s history, storing everything from solids to liquids. Most iconic, however, would be the use of barrels by the spirit industries. As they were filled with alcohol and shipped abroad, many were very quick to realize the wonderful changes that took place, and barrel aging was born.
Barrel aging continues to this day and has grown into a class of its own. Wines, bourbons, rum, whiskey, whisky (there’s a difference!), beer, and much more! From coffee beans to hot sauce, barrel aging is limited only by creativity.
Consider us the retirement home for used barrels, the half-way home for those tossed to the curb. We believe each and every one deserves a second, third, or fourth chance. We can see the true beauty and potential in what appear to be ordinary wooden barrels.
From guitar amps to hardwood floors, we turn ordinary into extraordinary!
We can build you a custom whiskey cabinet for any of our 3 models. our 5, 15, 30-watt combos and soon our heads.
We will soon be releasing 5 new guitar models inspired by our love of southern whiskey and music. The colors / stains will be only from the rich colors found in our whiskey barrel amps.

Introducing our whiskey barrel Blues 5 all tube hand wired amp. The cabinet is made by River Drive Cooperage & Millwork. Real whiskey barrel sides (staves) are treated straightened and fashioned into the stunning cabinet. We then install the chassis of our killer Blues 5 amp and eminence speaker. This is a custom hand made amp that will look and sound incredible. Taking orders, build takes 4 weeks.
 pictured whiskey cabinet next to standard tweed cabinet 
We can build a custom Whiskey Barrel Amp for our Blues 5,15 and 30 watt tube amps
The Blues 5 is the baby brother that can deliver a punch. Very simple design with volume and tone controls. You can drive the tubes with the input from your guitar or pedals to get a low volume sustain dirtiness not found in the higher watt amps.
You can mic this baby and fill any room with tube driven saturation tone. Perfect practice or recording amp, lightweight easy to travel with, 98 Proof Blues.
BootLegger Guitar Blues 5.  Five watt hand wired point to point tube amp
Featuring our new copper hand tooled badge. Laser cut, then we apply gun bluing chemicals, sand and finish. Each badge is unique and wIll have its own custom distressed look.

Type: Hand wired turret board construction, all tube circuit
Tweed Cabinet for the vintage sound and look.
Fender based design
Class A
Output: 5 watts via single 6V6 tube
Preamp Tube: Single 12AX7 tube
Rectifier: vacuum tube rectifier with 6Z4
Controls: Volume and Tone controls
Speaker: 8" 8 ohm factory BLG speaker
Stainless steel hardware
BootLegger Guitar Vintage Retro Whiskey Classic new

Bootlegger Guitar Blues 5 Vintage with Rectifier Tube 6Z45
Bootlegger Guitar Blues 5 Vintage Style Tube ~ Valve Amplifier Combo 5 Watt
Dollar for dollar, the best 5 watt amp I have EVER played. Simply amazing!! Well packaged and fast shipping. Thank you!
August 24, 2017 by Richard C.

Amp was shipped quickly. Questions were answered fully and soon after I messaged them. Seller was very easy to deal with.
July 30, 2017 by Jason M.

BootLegger Guitar "The Hounder" 2015 Violin brown Burst
Great, immediate communication with the seller - even with the east coast/west coast time difference. The guitar shipped quickly and was carefully packed. The Hounder itself is a treasure - action & intonation perfect out of the box, great looking finish, solid feel, very playable. The online pics and videos don't do it justice - much much more than you might expect from a guitar 3-4x the cost. Highly recommended instrument and seller- thanks Chuck!
August 04, 2017 by Tom C.

 (18.20lbs 15.5 _ 9.5_  15.5 ) ship

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