Born from the styles of early country and blues performance guitars the Single Barrel savors much of the look and vibe of those legendary guitars. Unlike vintage guitars the Single Barrel is manufactured using state-of-the-art, precision machinery that insures its modern play-abilities.

We slightly scaled down the body from the heavier vintage guitars for both comfort and weight. At 7 pounds, it's easy to play for hours. With our new 3x3 head design and our Bootlegger logo & whiskey art combined with our Jack Daniels (stollen) fretboard diamonds its looks are at home in any roadhouse bar or dance hall.

We start with select Mahogany hardwood for the body and Maple hardwood for the neck. Our semi hollow-body, single cut F hole and string through construction provide both natural resonance and sustain. Chrome Tele style bridge assembly with six adjustable saddles set in Tesla single coil pickup, our hot Tesla P90 on the bridge and bone white binding. We add a 3 way selector switch to blend or isolate the pickups with a vintage style chrome control plate

This guitar can twang country or sing the darker blues tones. You can blend the pickups for a clean Jazz style. This guitar rocks from Hank to Hendrix and everything in between.

Our Bootlegger head design is as much function as it is form. As a race car builder, driver I understand that any angle or bend can be a point of weakness under stress. We run brake lines and fuel lines with as little bending as possible. The same works with guitar strings the straighter from the tuning post to the nut means less stress on strings and strings hold tuning and resonate better.

Our Bootlegger neck is best compared to a PRS JM shape, Fender modern C shape or a Gibson Slim Taper D shape for feel and playability. It is by far the most easy and recognizable shape for guitar players across the board. It delivers that vintage feel with a modern twist to keep it relevant and functional for guitar players playing any genre of music.

We build with graphite nuts, along with our head and neck design this is best possible pro setup for your guitar.

Like Single Barrel Whiskey it is of a premium class, elegant, smooth and refined. Its sound is all about tone and resonance.

Wood Mahogany

Finish Red to Black Burst Clear Natural Grain. Gloss / Polyurethane

F Hole 30mm

Binding Top only 2 mm White ABS

Pickup cover custom Bootlegger P90 vintage chrome Neck

Bolt on Hardwood Maple 4 screws


Profile C

Neck plate metal chrome

Binding single white ABS

Finish natural matte Polyurethane

Dual Truss Rod Adjustment Location Head

Width nut 43mm at 1st fret 44mm at 12th fret 53mm


Material Hardwood Maple *

Fingerboard Radius 350r

Number of Frets 22 *

Scale 25.5 *

Width 1st 43mm 12th 53mm Bootlegger standard

Thick 1st 20mm 12th 22mm Bootlegger standard

Fret width 2.7mm Silver Nickel

Inlays Whiskey Diamond white / black pearl

Side position markers 1.5mm

Nut Material black Graphite / Width Thick 3.4mm / Length 42mm

Inlays, White Pearl Bootlegger Whiskey Diamond Head

Finish black matte front Polyurethane

Finish back natural matte Polyurethane

Binding ABS

Logo custom Whiskey Bootlegger Art

Truss Rod Cover Plastic (98 Proof)


Finish metal chrome

3 way pickup switch

Tell style String-thru body bridge

Tuners Grover GH 102 3x3

Bridge chrome Tele style 6 adjustable saddles


Volume & Tone metal chrome knobs

Switch Tip black

Jack Plate chrome oval


Neck Pickup P90 90 Dog Ear Bootlegger

Bridge Pickup Single Coil Bootlegger

Conductive shielding for hum noise and radio interference reduction


10m D’Addario

String Setup 2mm


Guitar weight 7 pounds

Guitar Measurements 38 x 12.75 inches

Case With Guitar Weight 14 l

Case Dimensions 41 x 15 inches

Case Bootlegger OHSC custom fit.

Included Accessories Case Key & Related Truss Rod & Tuning Tools.

Recent Review

I bought this guitar to celebrate the birth of my first grandchild. Like many here, this guitar exceeded my expectations. It is not a Fender or a Gibson clone, not a Fenson. either. It stands right alongside my higher-priced guitars. Setup was great right out of the case. The appointments on the guitar make it unique (headstock design, diamond inlays, neck shape). Plays great, sounds great, looks great. Rec'd the guitar 3 days after order & was also contact by the owner of the company!

January 13, 2020 by Lawrence G.

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